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Cemetery at Kópavogur  
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The cemetery at Kópavogur

The cemetery at Kópavogur is situated in Leirdalur at Uppsalir and is twelve hectares in extent see Map24.  On 10th August 2006 Bishop Karl Sigurbjörnsson consecrated the cemetery, and the urn of Guðmundur Helgason, a painter, was buried in the first grave.  It is a symbol of changing times that the ‘guardian' of the graveyard rests in an urn plot because of an increase in the number of people who nowadays prefer cremation.


Reykjavík, Seltjarnarnesbær and Kópavogur are the municipalities that are responsible for the cemetery, and they form the eastern and western sides of the Reykjavík Deanery (KGRP).  The cemetery is therefore intended for the whole city area, and not only for the residents of Kópavogur.


Cultivation of the garden began in the summer of 2004 by planting a hedge to break up the grave areas.  Salix borealis x S. Sp (willow) is the main ingredient of the hedge, while Sorbus aucuparia (Rowan), Populus trichocarpa (California poplar), Syringa (lilac), Pinaceae (Pines) along with Spiraea (shrubs) and various kinds of roses were planted in the areas.  In the autumn of 2006 a bed was planted south of the cemetery, including Salix borealis, Populus (poplar) and various kinds of Spiraea such as Salix glauca ssp. groenlandica, Salix myrsinites (whortle-leaved willow), Lonicera (honeysuckle) and Ribes glandulosum (white currant).  In the summer of 2007 trees and bushes were planted in the northern and western outskirts of the garden, along with the erection of a fence round the cemetery.  Salix viminalis (common willow/oiser), Salix myrsinifolia ssp. borealis, Populus, Betula pubecens (birch), Pinaceae (spruce and pine), and Sorbus aucuparia where planted as well as tall vegetation and various kinds of bushes such as Lonicera, Spiraea, Roses, Cotoneaster and Ribes alpina (alpine currant).


It will not be long before all this varied planting will create a beautiful appearance and form a good shelter, whilst making the cemetery warm and attractive