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Cemetery at Gufunes  
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The cemetery at Gufunes

The cemetery at Gufunes is situated in the middle of Grafarvogur - see Map 24 between the residential areas of Húsahverfi and Rimahverfi, and is 30 hectares in size.  It is assumed that all the graves will be allocated in the years 2015-2017 but throughout the century they will be buried in reserved places.  The cemetery was consecrated on 16th June 1980 and Friðfinnur Ólafsson, Director, was the first to be buried there.  He is therefore the ‘guardian' of the cemetery.


The garden features plots for people of various religions - Christian, Buddhist and Islamic as well as those with a belief in the Nordic gods (ásatrú).  There is also a plot for those who are not members of any religious group but who still wish to be buried inside a cemetery.


The monuments of those who have perished and those who rest in distant places is situated east of Area J.  It is designed by the Icelandic artist Rúrí who chose to entitle it ‘Gate'.


Here also is to be found the monument to the memory of ‘Those who went on a journey and never found the way back'.  For a small fee, the relatives of those who perished can have their names engraved on memorial stones at the monument.  Further information is available at the cemetery office at Gufunes (tel: 585 2770).
Viewing gravestones
Since the beginnings of civilization, gravestones of wonderfully varied sorts have been set up, creating today a record of culture far back in time. There is a great flora of gravestones, with a variety of inscriptions, in the cemetery of Gufunes. The section on viewing gravestones reveals a few examples. It is proper to remind every visitor of paragraphs 16-20 in the "Rules on traffic and activities in the cemeteries of Reykjavík and all their properties," which detail standards for gravestones and care of gravesites at Capital Area Cemeteries, KGRP.
Enjoying the vegetation and birdwatching
Due to the proximity of busy city settlement and the frequent traffic of pedestrians through the cemetery, it is proper to remind ourselves that cemeteries should receive proper respect. As the first paragraph of the rules on traffic and activities in the cemeteries of Reykjavík states: "Cemeteries are protected areas, where all unnecessary traffic, games and noise are prohibited." Everyone should bear this in mind when coming to the cemetery, because we must show respect for the deceased, along with those who enter the grounds to accompany their loved ones to the grave or want to meditate in peace. On the other hand, does such consideration for others preclude the enjoyment of walking through the grounds and drinking in their beauty? Certainly not; indeed, many prefer to tread such a place, where it is possible to enjoy a quiet environment. In any case, it is our policy in managing Capital Area Cemeteries, KGRP, that they be open to all visitors who show due respect.