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The main office is located in Fossvogur. Registration of grave files and communication to the funeral parlors is an important part of the work of the main office. Information on graves and maps to find one's way around the garden are to be found there. Reception for work orders like maintaining and care for the graves in Fossvogur, Hólavalla cemetery and Kópavogs cemetery is also handled at the main office. A powerful computer system keeps hold of the grave files and it is also possible to search for graves on the website, there it is possible to find the graves of those who rest in the cemeteries of KGRP and print out a map to find them. A part from that, the tasks at the office are conventional like book keeping, trust accounting, care of staff matters and management of the KGRP.


Office at Gufunes graveyard. Distribution of graves, reception of order forms for tending of graves and information on grave sites in Gufunes graveyard along with maps of the yard if needed are the main tasks of the office at Gufunes. Furthermore the staff takes care of bookkeeping and general information on the activities of KGRP.


The company's activities are on a par with those of a large firm, by Icelandic standards, or a medium sized community government. Income derives mostly from contribution from the state and depends on the size of the area tended for in each graveyard and the number of burials every year.