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Cemetery management in Iceland work by law no.36/1993.

In which paragraph 8 states: "Each cemetery of the national church is an independent institution with its own bookkeeping, with care and guardianship of the congregation under supervision of the dean (Reykjavik's deanery) and the bishop. The parish board or a special board elected at a congregational meeting by (paragraph no. 9) is responsible for the finances of a cemetery according to these laws. Here after this body is referred to as the cemetery board."

Capital Area Cemeteries (KGRP) also operate according to rules set by the cemetery board of KGRP, on the basis of paragraph 51 of law no. 36 from 1993, and confirmed by the Ministry of Justice and Church Affairs.



In general, activities of KGRP can be divided into four fields:


1.  Services provided at Fossvogur Church

2.  Burials
3.  Maintaining cemetery grounds
4.  Administration and office work