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Fossvogur Church

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Services provided at Fossvogur Church
Fossvogur Church contains, besides the main sanctuary, a chapel, house of prayer, mortuary, cremation facilities and the office. Although Fossvogur Church belongs to no parish, but is a funeral sanctuary belonging to KGRP, it is equipped like a congregational church, so that all parish functions can be performed there. During 2007 there were 396 funerals at Fossvogur, 940 services as bodies were laid in the casket and 1 farewell services.

Annual averages amount to over 100,000 visitors to these facilities at Fossvogur, which does not count the great numbers visiting Fossvogur Cemetery. The church at Fossvogur is served by a staff of three, who fulfill a variety of jobs. They make reservations as requested by pastors or funeral companies. In addition, they meet and direct funeral guests, as well as seeing to the mortuary and crematorium. They cooperate closely with the staff of funeral companies, both when receiving bodies into the mortuary and at services.

Fossvogur Church