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At Reykjavik's cemeteries there are 4 employees working all year long on gravesites and assist the gardeners with general maintaining of the gardens when there is time.
According to paragraph 23 of law no. 36 from 1993, graves must be dug by certain standards there it reads "Graves must be deep enough so that the casket cover rests no less than a full meter below the rim of the grave".

The cemetery board may permit that a grave be used twice if relatives of the newly deceased request it and those of the one buried earlier have approved. In that case the depth of the original grave must reach a minimum of 2 ½ meters.

The depth of urn graves shall be about 1 meter. Separate urn-yards are in the cemeteries at Fossvogur, Gufunes and in Kópavogur and the size of each urn grave is ½ square meter. Alternatively it is admissible to bury urns in graves that already have a coffin with the permission of the graves licensee. In that way a family graveyard can be made.