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Maintaining the grounds and gardening.

Capital Area Cemeteries employs a head gardener and horticulturalists all year long. Whose work ranges from cultivating trees and flowers to digging graves and maintaining the memorial markers. Thanks to decades of systematic cultivation that a walk through the gardens is peaceful and pleasant in the stillness of beautiful nature.


Perhaps the common observation is correct that most of the work done for cemeteries is in truth for the living.  During the summer near 200 youths from the age of 17-25 are employed for gardening.  All efforts are made regarding the cemeteries to look their best, a large share of the cemetery revenue is used for this.


No trees were planted in Hólavalla cemetery at Suðurgata until the early twentieth century, and few were planted until the years between the World Wars.  The species of trees there are as a result no different from the older part of Fossvogur cemetery which was consecrated in 1932.  Gufunes cemetery was consecrated in 1980 but planting of trees in the garden began a few years before.  Kópavogur cemetery was consecrated in the summer of 2006 and planting began there in 2005.  In the gardens the main species are birch (Betula) and two types of rowan (Sorbus aucuparia and Sorbus intermedia).  There are numerous spruce trees of the type Picea sitchensis and poplar trees of the type Populus trichocarpa, along with larch, laryx, members of the willow genus, Salix, and various other kinds of bushes.


Most relatives maintain the graves of the deceased themselves.  Those who are not able to do so can consult the office about planting flowers and other things that are needed.  All costs for the services are held at minimum.