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Foreign relations

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Foreign relations

Most foreign business of Capital Area Cemeteries (KGRP) is with the other Nordic countries, Denmark, Sweden and Norway from which various equipment and machines are bought and used for funerals, burials and gardening. Professional relations are also mostly with the Nordic countries, each having a national association similar to the Association of Icelandic Cemeteries (KGSÍ).

The Nordic countries founded with in themselves an association NFKK in September 1997 which stands for Nordiska förbundet for kirkegardar og krematorier (The Nordic association for churches and crematoriums).

Capital Area Cemeteries have an active membership for the Association of Icelandic Cemeteries (KGSÍ) which again is a valid member of NFKK. The director of KGRP is a member of the board of NFKK.

With continually more impact of the European Union on states within and outside the union, the development is that the Nordic Association NFKK must adjust to the laws of the EU on cemetery and funeral matters, particularly since the Nordic countries, except Norway and Iceland belong to the EU. In the coming years, professional and commercial connections to the continent will increase greatly in these matters as well as others.