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Summertime services
During spring and summer, traffic increases as many cultivate flowers on the graves of their loved ones and contribute to the beauty of the gardens. Visitors often ask our gardeners to assist with advice, planting or trimming. For years employees have accepted seeing to summertime flowers merely at cost. Those to whom graves belong or their relatives need only contact the office of the cemetery in question in plenty of time, e.g. in May. Dozens of water outlets are available in the cemeteries, and gardening tools can be borrowed as needed during the season.
Services at Christmas and All Saints' Day
A great number of people from the capital area come to the three principal cemeteries at Christmas. Special services are therefore provided on December 23, Þorláksmessa, and 24, Christmas Eve. Our staff offers advice out on the grounds and distribute maps as needed. Many now wish to light up graves with illuminated crosses over Christmas and New Year's. There are two firms that provide this service; information is available at each cemetery office.

On All Saints' Day, usually at the beginning of November and always on a Sunday, our facilities are open; moreover, visitors have the opportunity to hear music and singing, along with consulting a pastor.

When these possibilities were first offered, in 1997, satisfaction was apparent, so that they have been continued in cooperation with the organization of capital area churches.